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Home Assistant Yellow and DFrobot IOT Router Rack Mount (Modular)

Home Assistant Yellow and DFrobot IOT Router Rack Mount (Modular)

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3D Printed 1RU rack mount for the Home Assistant Yellow and DFRobot IoT Router Carrier Board. This is part of our ModMount Range, so you can mix and match your parts!

Comes in either a Left or Right Orientation, NOTE: You will need to pair this with another ModMount item (Like a Blanking Plate) to make a full 1RU Width.

The Home Assistant Yellow slides into the frame from the back after removing the back plate. The DFRobot Carrier Board mounts onto a removable sled. The Sled can be secured with a screw if desired.

Screws for connecting the DFRobot board to the sled are not included.

This listing is just for the Mount, other photos showing Blanks etc are just for example. Does not include Rack Screws, Cage Nuts, or Network equipment.

The ModMount range is expanding, so if you don't see a mount for your equipment let me know and I can prioritize designing one for you.

Please note that all 3d printed items will have slight cosmetic differences due to the nature of the process. However, all items will be fully functional.

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