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Fortigate 50e 1RU Rack Mount

Fortigate 50e 1RU Rack Mount

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Keystone sockets on Front?

3D Printed rack mount that lets you mount your FortiGate/FortiWiFi 50E into 1 RU!

Also works with the 51E Models as they share external dimensions.

The design also incorporates Keystone Sockets so that you can route the WAN/LAN interfaces around to the faceplate. (Keystone Jacks and Patch Leads are not included)

Your Firewall slides into the frame from the back after removing the back plate and the Rack mounting arms screw into the side of the frame using the supplied screws. Does not include Rack Screws, Cage Nuts, or Network equipment.

Please note that all 3d printed items will have slight cosmetic differences due to the nature of the process. However, all items will be fully functional.


Material: PETG

Color: Black

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