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1U Rack mount for 40mm Fans (5)

1U Rack mount for 40mm Fans (5)

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3D Printed 1RU rack mount for 5x 40mm Fans.
Note: Fans and screws are NOT included, they are only pictured here as an example.

The Mount is printed in 3 Parts. 2 For the front which join together on the middle Fan and a rear plate for reinforcement. If you are going to use Fan grills, then I'd recommend sandwiching the Mount between the Fan grill and the Fan. The Mount is 3mm thick where the fans join, so make sure your screws are deep enough.

Does not include Rack Screws, Cage Nuts, or Fans.

Please note that all 3d printed items will have slight cosmetic differences due to the nature of the process. However, all items will be fully functional.

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